I. Spin-polarized physical electronics of narrow band gap semiconductors and diluted magnetic semiconductors

Microstructure and materials preparation of high Curie temperature diluted magnetic semiconductors; spin transportation and regulation of dilute magnetic semiconductor materials and devices; electromagnetic and optical characteristics of ferromagnet / semiconductor, ferromagnetic / ferroelectric heterostructure; giant spin splitting effect and spin quantum control of narrow band gap semiconductors and diluted magnetic semiconductors; narrow band gap semiconductor and narrow band gap diluted magnetic semiconductor spin Hall effect and coupling effect of spintronics and optical field.

II. Polarization effects of ferroelectric thin films and wide band gap semiconductors

Preparation of high-performance ferroelectric thin film monocrystalline and polycrystalline materials, ferroelectric / semiconductor heterojunction; relationships and properties regulation of materials processes, microstructure and properties; law and regulation mechanism of ferroelectric polarization and optical thermoelectric conversion; material device technology of oxide semiconductor and oxide ferroelectrics. 

III. Novel micro-nano polarized electronic devices and their silicon integration

Preparation of ferroelectric thin films uncooled infrared detectors based on charge polarization effect, including silicon-based readout circuit and ferroelectric thin film detection chip monolithic integrated technology, and novel infrared - visible transformation mechanism of new type of infrared detector; nano electronic materials and devices; using MEMS microfabrication techniques and ultra-high vacuum deposition techniques, explore the preparation of novel micro and nano structures, and develop new devices with spintronic devices primitive functions; chip technology and system application research; by researching on the integrated micro-nano circuit chip design and optoelectronic devices readout circuit, promote the development of condensed matter electronics device applications and integrated circuit science and technology. 

IV. Multi-disciplinary of polarization effects and condensed matter optoelectronic information acquisition

Electronic transport, optical excitation and photoelectric interaction of low dimensional systems and heterogeneous structure; theory and technology base of photoelectric material time-resolved spectral imaging information spectrum; core technology of uncooled infrared detection and thermal imaging for access to information application; micro area, polarization, micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy imaging techniques; THz light sources, detection and imaging spectrum technology.